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Pronto Cowork provides employees with the option of working close to their homes. It is a great solution for people who lack optimal working conditions at home or those who have to commute long hours to and from work. It gives companies the possibility to greatly improve their employees' quality of life.

Our solutions enable companies to maintain the home office and hybrid work benefits, but at the same time, it solves domestic issues, such as organization, tidiness, and hygiene. Additionally, it addresses safety standards, as well as security and cybersecurity, in spaces that comply with all labor regulations. Finally, our satellite offices will contribute in the transition to face-to-face and more productive hybrid work.


Best Conectivity


Rental savings

Up to

Excellent Location

and Services


Shortest average

travel time

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Near to the Best Shopping


CO2 reduction


• Better talent capture and engagement due to an upgrade in your collaborator’s life quality

• Cybersecurity (VPN availability and option to work in a secure network environment)

• Compliance with tidiness, hygiene, and safety regulations (cowork spaces comply with all valid regulations)

• Possible cost decrease of up to 30% (a work station in Las Condes is more expensive than a similar one located in Maipú)

• No initial investment for fitting and furnishing (spaces are completely equipped)

• Environmental footprint drops (due to commuting to headquarters) up to 0.90 ton annually (CO2) per collaborator

• Wider benefit scope by customization

• Comprehensive solution (work space with all necessary services)

• Support to implement and assess the space used


• Considerable life quality improvement; up to 3 extra hours every day to spend with family and in recreational activities

• Less exposure and less risk related to public transport

• Work spaces complying with all hygiene and safety regulations

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