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The offices provide commercial and tax address without the need to lease physical space but conferring a prestigious image and privileged location.

This plan includes access to meeting rooms and other necessary services to carry out your business activities in our business centers.

Our plans are available in the boroughs of Las Condes, Huechuraba, La Reina, and Cerrillos.

For further information and booking:

+56 (2) 2434 1870  /


0.66 UF + VAT*

(*) Only advanced yearly payment.

Monthly Plan: 1.5 UF+VAT (*)

Biannual Plan: 6 UF+VAT (**)

Annual Plan: 8 UF+VAT (**)

Annual Pro Plan: 10 UF+VAT (**)(***)

(*) Monthly payment.

(**) Only advanced payment.

(***) Includes 4 monthly hours

Hot Desk work space.

Mail reception,

Call answering

(standard greeting)

Tax and

commercial address

4 hours of meeting

room time, in any of our

plans or business centers (*)

Excellent Location

and Services

(*) Meeting Room hours not used in one month are not transferred to the next month.

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